Demon Fire Trails - Houdini & Nuke VFX Course

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Some of the things you will learn with this course are going to be: 

  •  • How to animate a static geometry along a curve, without relying on constraint networks
  •  • How to setup particle and smoke simulations and optimize them for faster results
  •  • Advanced Techniques for Particle advection
  •  • Creating deformations post-simulation with with VEX.

In the rendering section we learn how to:

  • Render particles as smoke with Mantra, and set up different custom passes.
  • Create and render volumetric lights and also set up utility passes.

In the Nuke section we bring everything together to achieve the final look.

Here I share some of my favorite nodes and techniques, and also cover workflows regarding 

the very powerful DEEP compositing system.

Aside from the skull geometry which you will be provided with we will be creating everything from scratch. 

Total Duration: 5h 53m

Level: Intermediate

Category: 3D, VFX, Compositing

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