Geometry Based Simulations - Houdini & Nuke VFX Course

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Welcome to Advanced Particles 1: Geometry Based Simulations.

In this course we will take an alembic animation of an opening hand, and use it to generate particles. We will learn how to use the geometry to create different attributes and how to get our particles to use those attributes.

We will also learn how to make our particles stick to deforming geometry and how to make the particles transition from one type of movement to a different one. I will also go over how to set up some basic materials and render everything using Redshift, and then also cover how to composite everything inside Nuke.

And while this course assumes you have a working knowledge of Houdini, I will be explaining how different operations work, but also the logic behind why we do things in a certain way. So I hope you will enjoy this course and we can get started with the first lesson.

The course is broken down in 4 different chapters. Each chapter is broken down in easily digestible 5-12 minute lessons.

Total Duration: 3h 05m

Level: Intermediate

Category: 3D, VFX, Compositing

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