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Ash Disintegration - Houdini & Nuke VFX Course

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Welcome to a new Houdini Course: Ash Disintegration

This effect is achieved through a method which is essentially layering two different simulations that run at the same time.


We will start by fracturing the rose geometry, using a custom fracture method, which combines the common voronoi workflow with the boolean fracturing method.

Custom Solver

After we fracture the geometry, we are going to run the first simulation which will operate on our fractured pieces, and we are going to create a

custom solver that drives this simulation.

First Simulation

And then on top of this simulation we will run a second simulation that will make each individual fractured piece turn into even smaller pieces that disappear entirely over time.

So essentially, the geoemtry will first disintegrate into big pieces, and then these pieces will disintegrate into even smaller pieces, and we will be able to control

this transition between simulations seamlessly.


After we set up all of the geometry and effects, we will render a few passes using Redshift. In this section I also go over how to export custom AOVs such as custom textures and houdini point attributes.

Nuke Compositing

Then we will bring everything inside of Nuke to create the final result.

Here I go over how to leverage the AOVs that we generated to have complete control over all aspects of the final look.


You will have all the geometry required included with the downloads. Everything else that I couldn't include (like megascans texture) you will be able to find by using the links provided in the links notepad.

The download archive also include the completed Houdini project file (ver. 19.0.589)

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VFX, Motion Graphics, Compositing
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Ash Disintegration - Houdini & Nuke VFX Course

17 ratings
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